Claims in Auto Insurance

Brian has a comprehensive car insurance policy on his brand new car. Three months after getting his new car he has an accident. He believes the other side is at fault. He puts in a claim. He needs his car back on the road as soon as possible. He has been ringing insurance company every day but nothing has happened for weeks. His car is sitting in a repair shop. The insurer keeps asking for information and still won’t make a decision.

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Auto Insurance Claims

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Auto replacement Claim

You might be thinking it is very easy to file a claim for replacement of parts. However in reality you have a whole menagerie of replacement parts to choose from. Insurance companies prefer you opt for the less expensive, generic ...
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Claims Payment in Auto Insurance

The amount of payment you receive depend on your policy quotes. It also depends on a number of factors including how much damage is done and who is found to be at fault. How much you pay in medical bills ...
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Determining Claim Cost

If you are wondering how your insurance companies evaluate your claim you are not alone. The truth is that there are many factors which company considers while determining value of claim. Original value of car, Appraisal, Market Research, Point value ...
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Filing a Claim Increases

There is a direct relationship between your claim and insurance premium going up. A chargeable claim is one that the insurer considers to be your fault. It is spot on your record as you will be continuously charged this increase ...
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Liability Insurance

In order to determine who is at fault a company will hire claims adjuster to assess damage to your vehicle. Adjusters will often tell who is at fault by looking at vehicle damaged to vehicle. Police records may also be ...
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Troubles in Claims

When you are involved in an auto accident and have to file a claim, you may see your auto insurance rates increase. Some drivers don’t anticipate these kinds of changes to their policies. Auto insurance companies draw up their own ...

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